For June and July of 2009 I will be travelling to Ethiopia to research the empowerment of women through long distance running.  This blog will help to keep everyone up to date on my travels.

Here is a rough schedule of what I will be doing for the 2 months that I’m in Ethiopia:

May 31st, 2009: Depart from LAX for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

June 2nd, 2009: Arrive in Addis Ababa

June 2nd-19th: I’ll be staying at the Wanza Hotel while I’m in Addis Ababa.  During this period I will meeting with members of the Naftech running team and Team Tesfa from the Girls Gotta Run Foundation.  I will be interviewing the girls on the team and learning more about their lives as runners and women in Ethiopia.  I will also be visiting Addis Ababa University to interview faculty members in the sociology department there and potentially talk to the university students about the role of women in Ethiopian society.

June 19th-28th: This period will be spent just outside Addis Ababa at the Running Across Borders training facility.  Here I will watch the training sessions, see the athletes’ day to day lives, get to know the female runners as well as interview them and understand the workings of the organization.

June 29th-July 8th: On the 29th I will leave for Asella in the Arsi region via bus to visit the area in which Running Across Borders recruits athletes. I will be staying directly across from Asella Stadium and the location of the Arsi Zone Youth and Sport Office at the Beletu Hotel.  Here I will be talking to the administrators and coaches about the influence running has had on the community and the role they play in the youth programs there.  I will also be going to the Stadium to watch the young athletes train and race.

July 9-10th : These days will be spent leaving Asella and staying in Addis before I leave for Debark

July 11th: Leave for Gondar via plane and travel to Debark via bus

July 9th-20th: During this period I will be staying in Debark and visiting the Simian Girls.  The community in Debark is small with relatively minimal economic activity.  I will be studying the impact running has had on the community and the female athletes on the team.

July 20st: Leave for Gondar and fly out to Addis Ababa

July 21nd- July 26th: This period will be used for any final interviews at Addis Ababa University, Running Across Borders, Naftech Team or the Tesfa Foundation that could not happen during the first part of my trip.  It will also give me time to work on writing my research paper on location.

July 28th: Depart from Addis Ababa for LAX

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June 22, 2009 at 7:03 pm

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Kate July 27, 2009 at 9:28 am


Bizuneh yae.coach August 8, 2009 at 4:26 am

It is very good thing that to show ,teach and help the reachest in athlete but,have no economical power and no more scoholar cohaches country Ethiopia.there were uncontable athletes in every rural areas if searched well.

I am a coach who was delegate ethiopia for 1991 Africa champion,1993 world champion and 1993 world universities game.
Now I coaching in Japan team WACOAL & some times Japan national team ladies long distance. Finally I will reqest you if you can make me your patner or introduce me to Running Across Borders and coach athletes to develop long distance run in Ethiopia.

Educational back ground–(1)from Asia university Japan -graduated law department 1997 march
(2) graduate school Kokushikan university -health and sport science 2008 march.

language- Affan Orom
– well comunicate in english
-well comunicate in japanesse

lindsey cole March 17, 2010 at 2:17 am

Love your blog. I’m, cycling from Cairo to Cape Town, in time for the world cup. I’m making reports, interviews and little videos along the way about the sport in each country i pass. Obviously, running sprang to mind with Ethiopia.
Do you have any tips in trying to get in touch with any of the runners. I’d love to mee t Haile Gebrselassie.

All the best, can’t wait for Ethiopia

Lindsey Cole

Stephanie Wuerth September 28, 2010 at 12:51 pm


Hi! I’m a senior at Caltech. I run xc and track, and I’m sure we’ve crossed paths at some point over the years. I’m actually working on a proposal for research on running cultures in different countries, and Ethiopia is on the list. I would absolutely love to talk to you about your experiences (either via email or in person if you’re still in the LA area). Shoot me a reply if you’re up (wuerthless@gmail.com)!


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