Kayla Teaches Addis How to Bowl

by Kayla on July 3, 2009

Oh yes, I went bowling in Ethiopia.  This may have been one of the greatest moments in my life.

Teddy had been trying to explain to me all day that we were going to play a sport of some kind later that afternoon.  The name of the sport didn’t translate well, but from his hand gestures I figured that we were going to be bowling, playing softball or having an egg toss.

As we were discussing the matter further, we stepped into an alleyway and walked by a herd of goats, a regular occurrence in Addis.

All of a sudden Teddy yells and jumps to the side of the road.  I, unfortunately, didn’t jump to the side, and instead start sprinting down the alleyway with a herd of goats running after me.  I couldn’t help but think that this must be what the running of the bulls felt like.

Fortunately, my brain kicked in eventually and I darted into a fruit shop.  The owner thought I was insane, and Teddy couldn’t stop laughing at me.

Now every time we see a goat, which is often, he grabs me and says, “Look out Kayla! The goat is coming for you!”

After that splendid experience we headed to a bowling alley.  It turns out that we weren’t going to have an epic egg-toss competition.  I was only mildly disappointed.

None of the guys had bowled before and I couldn’t help but laugh as they laced up their bowling shoes.  The bowling alley was twenty years old but everything worked great!  There was this funny old man we called grandfather who kept our scores on a little sheet of paper and made sure the ball eventually made its way back to us.

The guys could barely wait for me to finish showing them how to play before they threw a ball down the lane.  Eddy hurled it. Kia waddled up to the alley and just dropped the ball… and he managed to get a strike his first time.  I really don’t know how he did it.  The guys were actually pretty good.

The alley floorboards were all warped, so you never knew where the ball was gonna go. It was a great experience. I hope we play again sometime. They are just such a funny bunch.

They took my camera and started taking pictures of themselves.  After paying $5 for five people to play a game of pool (that’s right, only 5 bucks), we went to play some pool and have beef (what they call a beef sandwich).

I’m starting to get a little bit better at pool, which is nice because I’m horrible at the game. Teddy’s friend Kia was hilarious.  In his broken English he managed to turn and say to me, “You think this is your daddy’s table?!” Haha, I loved it.

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Pat July 4, 2009 at 5:38 am

Hi, Kayla, and Happy 4th of July from Northern Wisconsin. My husband and I are here visiting my family for the holiday. We’ve been traveling ourselves and visiting and so forth, so I just caught up with your most recent posts this morning. I enjoy them all. They provide so much rich context to your formal research. I cannot wait to read the results of all of that…and to hear about your trip to the Mountains. I’m glad Gaby will be there with you for part of that. By the time you get back to the States, I think the U.S.A. will feel a little surreal to you! Stay safe, stay well. Carry on with the fun!! :) P.

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