Quick News update

by Kayla on July 18, 2009

The infamous chicken was murdered on July 5, 2009. After my trip to Asella with Freya, we came home to find the chicken dead in it’s coop. Freya said that its head was bleeding and that someone must have killed it.

Prime suspect was Teddy. Motive: He hated that hen from the beginning, and he used to chase it around the yard and throw rocks at it.

Suspect number 2: Nani. She was the one to lock the hen up in the first place, because it was trying to get into the house and would poop everywhere.

When Teddy got home, Freya talked to Teddy and heard his side of the story. He claims that the rain was so bad over the past couple of days that it was ruining the hen’s feathers and making it sick. He tried to warm it but the next morning he found it dead in its coup.

We may never know what happened to the hen. I’m just glad I didn’t have to kill it.

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